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Five Gifts for your College Girl (or yourself!)

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Most of y'all know that I am closing the retail part of So Be Well at Christmas time (12/23/23 is our final day!), but I love helping you find the cute things for yourself and your people, so I will start adding in posts on the blog that are like our conversations in the shop...

What's on my mind right now? My GIRLS and finding them cute, functional pieces and gifts that don't break the bank because let's be for REAL....I will find these things under their bed s or in the bathroom floor before January 1, so I say, let's keep our sanity, shall we?

Here are a few of the things that are going to be under our tree for my cutie pies!

This cute cropped puffer vest...I ordered three colors: the green, the bright blue and black!

These tops are perfect for layering under off the shoulder sweaters and pair well with high wasted pants and skirts. I have three colors and the girls steal them all of the time!

This lightweight sweatshirt is so comfy. It is the perfect weight and looks like Free People. I have white, but would love to snag a new color for Christmas!

So if you're like me it can't be all clothes under the tree! I love to give books, puzzles and other fun surprises...Here are a few that made the cut for this year's gift list:

Puzzles are an absolute favorite of ours, especially during the holidays. Dump one of these out on a table in an area where your family likes to gather, and you'll love all of the conversations, silliness and quality time that magically occurs!

Two times that puzzles really do the trick: Christmas Eve and day, as well as any trips we take! The last one (with the animals) is 500 pieces if you want one that is a little easier. We love to take 500 piece puzzles on trips in case we decide not to sit still too long!

We completed the Paris and London ones last year and loved both!

Your turn...Let me know what some of your favorite holiday gifts to give and receive are!



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