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Time to Reset

This work can help us through grief, loss, and change of the worst-feeling kind, and it can answer a stirring from within ourselves that’s calling for something new.  


Maybe there’s an area of your life that needs attention, that has been neglected in this season and needs some light shed on it. The essence of this work teaches us to show up in this exact moment with all of our senses turned back on, in other words, it teaches us to be fully present.  In a one-on-one session, we create enough space to begin noticing what is happening in your body, your thoughts, your breath, and your feelings. While the tools and techniques are simply breathing and moving, the work can offer clarity and depth that lead to powerful truths and awarenesses in your life. In the span of a few sessions or experiences, it can feel like a re-calibration of your inner compass.


When life gets us stirred up, we often derail.  We go back to the old way, the bad habits, the patterns we wish we didn’t fall into, yet they keep surfacing.  Maybe your default is busy-ness, or ignoring what’s really going on...maybe it feels worse than that...feelings of anxiety, frustration or discouragement that can't be shaken.  Sometimes a quick diet or a new exercise plan is enough to hit the reset button, but sometimes it isn’t. The diet is discouraging because fries still beckon while the super greens wilt in the fridge.  The old injury is reactivated right in the middle of the exercise program that's supposed to create vitality.


If the old vices aren’t working, nor is the newfound fix, I extend this invitation for you to come in and try this mindful reset...often what we need is a reset, a reboot, or a chance to shutdown and restart.

Individual yoga therapy sessions with Melynda take place in a private, comfortable space offering a way for you to strengthen your mind-body connection.  Get in touch with us about designing a session package unique to you.

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