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At So Be Well we hope to help you turn the places you spend time worrying into places where you begin to find breathing room. Our team of amazing souls is here to tailor your experience to you whether you are interested in giving your inner life some breathing room; learning more about our women's groups, classes and events; or simply stopping in for a little retail therapy and some tea.



At So Be Well, we want our clients to feel welcome right from the start.  We want to be a place where you feel better about yourself by simply stopping in to see us.  Our individual yoga therapy sessions with Melynda take place in a private, comfortable space offering a way for you to strengthen your mind-body connection.  Yoga therapy sessions use breath work, yoga movements, and dialog to offer healing, growth, and change.  Get in touch with us about designing a session package unique to you.



Group classes and small group circles at So Be Well are a chance to tap into the growth, awareness, and shift that mindfulness offers when partnered with the elements of a yoga class.  As your mind learns to quiet, you become more aware of your reactions, responses and ways of interacting; having this shift in perspective has the power to enliven your relationships and create life-changing insights.


We love it when we feel our best inside and out! Come in and find that inspirational item that lifts your spirit or check out our athleisure lines (lululemon is our best seller!), jewelry, accessories, and a full range of wellness items. 


Our hope is that you will always leave feeling better than you did when you arrived!  Come in and find something that makes you smile.



An Inside Out Space

Hello, Beautiful,

Wow!  It feels surreal to be welcoming you to this community.  A few years ago at a women's event I wrote on a little slip of paper that I wanted to create a space that centered around empowering women.  Jotting down my dream in that exercise felt sort of silly at the time because I wasn't "pursuing" it yet, except in prayer and my journal.  Having it come to fruition feels like a gift, a moment I want to savor, and also a tiny bit uncertain and scary!  My deepest desire is that you will feel empowered within our walls to lift your eyes to see the woman looking back at you in the mirror as beautiful, worthy, valued, and enough.  No matter what roles you wear...daughter, mother, wife, business owner, sister, friend, athlete, ice cream eater, walker, talker...we are here when you are ready because some parts of life do feel like a gift, but there are plenty of uncertain, scary moments that we can walk stronger through hand in hand.

Most of the time jumping into this kind of work requires some courage or a step out of your comfort zone.  I know it is worth it because I have spent the last ten years doing the same thing for myself!  I have spent countless hours in counseling, yoga therapy sessions, yoga classes, meditation, prayer, small group studies and in-depth spiritual studies to get to a place of feeling more whole, comfortable in my own skin and grounded in who I am. Taking this time to get to know myself has increased my happiness in every relationship I have (including the one with myself!), brought more ease into my work and personal life, and deepened my faith in every way.  So Be Well is here for you to seek, discover, and simply be you.


Ways to Connect at So Be Well:

  • As someone who is deeply connected to my own personal work in counseling, mentorship, yoga therapy and self-study, I truly am so honored to partner with you in your self-discovery.  Such work can look like taking brave steps toward uncovering the struggles that are holding you back.  The work may be taking steps to finally reach for your goals instead of playing small with your life.  The one-on-one yoga therapy/mindfulness/meditation sessions I offer can be life changing in these areas.

  • We will have events, therapeutic small groups, and therapeutic yoga classes for chances to grow, connect and enjoy a sense of connection to other women as you walk your path toward knowing yourself more.

  • Visit our shop!

  • Lastly, within our walls, we love partnering with JMac's for beautiful women's suiting options: He specializes in women's custom suits and blouses while also offering unique accessories and complementing pieces for your wardrobe. My husband, Johnny, owner of JMac’s, and I can't wait to work with you.


Our hope is that you will always leave feeling better than you did when you arrived!  So Be Well, friends, in the ways that best suit (pun intended) you.  See you soon! xo, Melynda  

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“My session with you was an amazing and balanced mix of intuitive deep stretching, emotional release guided by the calming energy of your sweet beloved soul.”

Yoga Therapy Client


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