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If you're looking for a place that invites you to be yourself, to finally have some breathing room and simply exhale, we are so glad you are here.  The whole mission of So Be Well is to reunite you with your deep inner wisdom that will give you a renewed connection to your whole health (including your body, your mind and your soul!).



Individual sessions with Melynda take place in a comfortable studio space, outside under the trees, or online in the comfort of your own space.  All sessions are designed to offer you time to awaken and expand your mind-body connection.  Yoga therapy sessions use breath work and movement to realign your daily life using body's deep intelligence.  Meditations are designed to meet your intentions for yourself, and intuitive sessions are always specific to you!



Group classes and small group circles at So Be Well are a chance to tap into the growth, awareness, and shift that mindfulness offers when partnered with the elements of a yoga class.  As your mind learns to quiet, you become more aware of your reactions, responses and ways of interacting; having this shift in perspective has the power to enliven your relationships and create life-changing insights.


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A message from Melynda, the owner of So Be Well


I am so glad you are here!  


What you’ll find in the walls of So Be Well (or outside under the trees where we often practice) is more breathing room.  I’ve designed this space and its offerings to support you in recreating your life from the inside out.  I will help reconnect with your deep inner wisdom and transform your life from the inside out leading you toward more ease, peace and confidence using the tools of meditation, yoga, breathwork, Reiki and intuitive coaching techniques. 


 When we are given the practices and tools that strengthen us from the inside out, we grow stronger and find a deeper sense of compassion and connection in our relationships with ourselves and others.


About five years ago, in deep meditation the words, “So Be Well” were the answer to every question in my spirit regarding the beginnings of my studio opening.  At first I wasn’t certain of the meaning, but I knew it was potent because it was repeated over and over during my experience.  I realized my spirit guides were telling me to lead women in their journeys of taking ownership of their lives. (Learning to listen deeply during my prayer and meditation time has been one of the places God has used to teach me the many ways to connect to the deep truths that have been waiting for us to access them!)


Know that as you arrive here, you're invited to step out from behind the curtains and onto center stage of your life.  It’s time, and I’m in your corner (literally at the corner of your mat!) cheering you on to be the fullest, most vibrant version of yourself.  





“My session with you was an amazing and balanced mix of intuitive deep stretching, emotional release guided by the calming energy of your sweet beloved soul.”

Yoga Therapy Client


16 N Main Street Suite A Watkinsville GA United States 30677

(706) 250-0306

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