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Partly Ourselves

I’ve learned so much about my body in the past ten years. When misalignments occur certain muscles go to sleep and don’t do their jobs. So other parts take over and work harder, sometimes too hard. But if I give attention and focus to that weakened muscle, it wakes back up. The nudge puts it back into action even after one workout or therapy session. I feel stronger, more capable and pain free. Sometimes I can do this on my own because it's a familiar pain or misalignment that I have learned how to address, but sometimes I need help.

Isn’t it the same with our spiritual lives? Our emotional lives? We exercise one way of being or get so attached and hell bent on being that certain kind of person that other parts go to sleep, untapped for their depth of resource and goodness. Then we are partly present. Partly ourselves. The kind of work I do taps into those places in our bodies and spirits that need attention, waking up.

We would love to get to know you and help you connect to what your body and soul need.

So Be Well,


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