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The Way of Love

"The Way of Love"

(These words deliver their best when read aloud slowly bc the slowing down is where the real seeing, feeling and being sneaks in and happens.)

If we could slow down enough to see

that after every blink of our eyes the whole world has changed

and also nothing has.

that life has been made new

and death has occurred.

that the whole planet shifted

but also remains the same.

That’s the way of love, isn’t it?

Always moving and never changing.

-melynda mccutcheon

(Written some time ago...I didn't date it, but it's speaking to me now!)

Today's Reflections:

I wrote this poem a while back and it resurfaced this past weekend while I was away on a retreat with a dear beloved friend. We planned and dreamed. We are amazing food (made by the steady creative hands and heart of her man) and walked the streets. We laughed, cried, released and renewed our souls.

Honestly if you’d asked me as a child what I really wanted to do when I grew up, I would’ve said “work in the church” because I wanted to be part of camps, retreats and the transformations that happen for people in those spaces. AND because I knew these deep connections and friendships were essential to me. I felt the deep call to depth in relationships to my community and my God from an early age.

I realized this morning in the quiet slow rhythms of my breath and prayerful movements that I am doing that now!

Wow! Bring it ON, Life! Walk with me, God! Laugh and cry and transform with me, Sisters! The exhales and smiles this brings are such a rush of love and relief. We get to do this whole lifetime together, y’all! Not alone. Together.

2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit on the Chinese calendar. For some reason this year feels really pivotal and special to me. They say it is a time for well intended action and taking steps forward. This slow crawl out of Winter toward Spring makes that feel so true.

As I’m gifted to opportunity to keep living this life, I’m kind of falling in love with the elements of winter. So I won’t rush toward Spring, but I love knowing that it’s coming because the bunny says so! 💛

Dear one, your goals and dreams, wishes and hopes, resolutions and new habits aren’t “too late” or “passed by” or signs of failure or doom because they haven’t been launched already.

You’re still you, which is the real gift. You’re the holder of the dreams. The creator of the wishes and hopes. The vessel for the gifts given to you.  You’re still Here and they are still alive in you!

You’re not finished yet, yes?

You’re still alive, yes?

You’re in a body on this earth, yes?

Let’s embrace this water rabbit energy, shall we? And guess what, we don’t have to do it alone, with gritted teeth, fueled by bitterness or resentment. We can access deeper tanks…more sustaining fuels for our souls.

More on the reservoirs of goodness that will fuel us later, but can you at least feel the little twinge of excitement of possibility? Stay in touch with me on Instagram and by dropping in to events, shop hours and classes at So Be Well! We’d love to cheer you on this year and witness that twinge turn into transformation.

We’re here for you and cheering you on always-



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